Having just passed my driving test first time round using Dan Mummery from Orchards Driving School I felt compelled to write about my experience.


I last got behind the steering wheel of a car over twenty years ago when I had a few lessons but became downhearted with the whole experience so stopped. Since then I have never been required to drive. My circumstances changed recently which made me reconsider driving. Dan was recommended to me by a friend so I approached him. I was immediately impressed with his attitude and decided that I liked him so decided to take up lessons. He has a relaxed and friendly approach which put me straight at ease. He is very patient and explains what is required very clearly. It was more like driving with a friend instead of an instructor (and I will somewhat miss my lessonsnow, though I intend to keep in contact) he has never had the need to raise his voice or berate me and all of his criticism is constructive. If he does have something bad to say it is always propped

up with positive comments too. In the car the atmosphere is chilled and I never felt on edge, he sat in with me on my test which I quite liked as he seems quite protective of his students and this reassured me, I have no doubt that he would have challenged the examiner if he felt the need to (not that he needed to on this occasion).


I would recommend Dan to anyone whatever their age or previous driving experience and he is worth every penny. I am now considering taking the pass plus scheme with him too.


Glen Cheal (First time pass with Dan)

I never thought I'd see the day when I would be driving, but thanks to Dan that day has arrived! I asked on Facebook for recommendations for a good driving instructor and Dan's name came up frequently so I went with him and am so glad I did, he is kind,patient,doesn't raise his voice, he find methods to teach to suit the individual & so within four months I had passed. Thank you Dan for doing an amazing job.If you're looking for a great instructor .....stop now cause you've found him!


Zoe  (First time pass with Dan)

Dan is a fantastic driving teacher. He cares a lot about his students and it was a pleasure to be one of them. He has brilliant techniques for all manoeuvres that were very beneficial in my test and will be in future. He has a great and friendly approach to teaching and was very supportive. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.


Ruby Secrett (Passed with Dan)

Thanks Dan Mummery from orchards driving school I have passed my driving test today, he is a great driving Instructor and everyone should start learning with him.


Dan Holland (First time pass with Dan)

I can't believe I passed my driving test 1st time It's mostly thanks to Dan who gave me the confidence I needed to do so - thank you Dan!.


Molly Reynolds (First time pass with Dan)

Dan is friendly, efficient and constantly gives constructive advice. All his methods work so well and he is more of a friend now than a driving instructor.


Julie Hitchen (First time pass with Dan)

Thank you Dan! I’m so pleased to have passed my driving test with only 1 minor. Dan is such a good teacher, he is so patient, makes you feel so calm and has teaching techniques that make everything so much simpler. I’m so grateful to Dan for teaching me how to be a safe and confident driver. If you’re a first time driver or someone who needs to polish their driving skills contemplating which driving instructor to go for, I recommend Dan- he is brilliant. I will miss being a student of his but I’m proud to have been taught by him.


Lise Easton (Passed with Dan)

Thank you so much Dan Mummery for teaching me to drive. Been an amazing instructor!


Alex Rees (First time pass with Dan)

Thanks Dan for helping me pass my test first time! Will definitely be doing pass plus with you and recommending you to all my mates.


Ryan Smith (First time pass with Dan)

Thankyou so much to Dan Mummery for helping me pass my driving test within 2months. I couldn't of asked for a better instructor, I highly recommend Dan Mummery & Orchards Driving School for anyone, it's amazing!


Lauren Smith (First time pass with Dan)

Dan is friendly, efficient and constantly gives advice on how to improve your driving. He is reliable and will work around you. Whatever you do, don't forget your reference points!!


Casey Dunford (First time pass with Dan)

 I would highly recommend Orchards Driving School as Dan is very supportive and has given me the confidence that I needed to drive well and pass my test.


Hannah Lehkyj (Passed with Dan)

Thank you so much Dan for preparing me for my test, where I passed first time! After having difficulties with my previous instructor you got me up to scratch in no time. An amazing, helpful and constructive instructor. I will recommend you to all my friends.


Lucy Nash (First time pass with Dan)

Lovely instructor!! Great drives, very flexible, very very patient and gives you all the great advice and help you might need, highly recommend!!


Danielle Starnes (First Time pass with Dan)

Hello every body out there !!! Learn to drive with Dan (Orchards Driving School) , you will not regret it. Many thanks Dan once again!


Matt Kramarczyk (First Time pass with Dan)

Thank you so much, I couldn't ask for a better instructor! im a bit sad to say goodbye!  but i am so pleased and grateful for all that you've done  THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!


Matt Prentice (First Time pass with Dan)

Thank you so much, I passed my test first-time today after just three months. You have been extremely helpful and I will recommend you to friends.


Ed Evans (First Time pass with Dan)

Thanks to Dan i passed my test first attempt. top man and some great manouvre reference points. thanks again mate


Danny Hobden (First Time pass with Dan)



Dan is a great driving instructor. He is very friendly, patient and gives constructive advice and has given me the confidence to drive safely. I would highly recommend Orchards Driving School


Erin Fitzjohn (passed with Dan)

Cannot recommend this driving school enough, amazing instructor. Very patient, easy going and very approachable


Emma Wieson (passed with Dan)


Dan is an amazing instructor and very supportive, teaches you all you need to know and you can ask him anything. would highly recommend to anyone


Ben Page (passed with Dan)

Dan is a great instructor, always friendly and funny which helps keep you calm when nervous.great techniques for manoeuvres which i will continue to use. he's very supportive and i couldnt have passed without him


Becca Richards (passed with Dan)

Dan is a great instructor he's very patient and gives good advice, he has good techniques for manoeuvres which has been very beneficial. Thank You! would highly recommend Orchards Driving School


Emily Bennett (First Time pass with Dan)

I would like to say Thank You Dan! for support and patience when teaching me and especially with the manoeuvres. the driving is going really well and ive not lost any parts of the car yet


Jazz Patching (Passed with Dan)

Thankyou so much Dan for helping me pass my driving test. Really friendly and patient (needed to be with me) will be recommending the driving school to everyone


Hannah Richardson (Passed With Dan)

My daughter passed her test first time after 15 hours of lessons due to Dan's professionalism and thorough preparation. She made progress every lesson and enjoyed the whole experience.


Zanna Cooper (First Time Pass with Dan)

Thanks so much Dan for enabling Sam to pass first time, his sister will be next two years today


Sam Griffith (First Time pass with Dan)

Dan got my son through on his first attempt, Brilliant Thankyou!!!!


Luke Fuller (First Time pass with Dan)

Great Instructor , Would highly recommend him


Anesu Muriro (First Time pass with Dan)

Amazing instructor very patient and friendly nice reference points too on the manouvres thanks so much Dan


Jack Flowers (First Time pass with Dan)